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Running with the ball

This is a natural tendency with children, they do not know why things are done the y way they are done and they do not know the correct way to do it. Running with the ball is the ability to cover ground quickly with the ball under control (not to be confused with dribbling).

When the opportunity arises and there is space available in front of them and no other alternatives. Players should be encouraged to run with the ball.

How to run with the ball

  • Player jabs (sends) the ball forward with the instep
  • Player plays the ball within a playable distance which will makes it difficult for challenging
  • Players should run straight into a space or into a defender
  • Players should concentrate on the running aspect and make alternative decisions on what to do next with the ball. N.B. Player should always hold up their Head as he/she runs with the ball.


  • Jab ball forward with instep
  • Balance (hold your head up)
  • Play the ball within playable distance
  • Few touches( for better technical performance)
  • Run straight into space or at a defender
  • Make decision on what to do next and always concentrate on the ball

Key factors when Running with the ball

  • First touch in to space
  • Develop good balance and stride
  • Look up to access play
  • make a decision before each touch of the ball
  • Execution, never change decision once made

At the end of the exercise the players would be able to understand why they sometimes should run with the ball, when to run with the ball and how to run with it.

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