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Soccer Programmes

FMSA U-5 to U-13

First Mobile Sports : Intermediate Soccer programme

Man to man marking

- A player is in charge of one opponent
- Zonal marking. Player is in responsible for specific areas or zones
- Mixed marking. It is a combination of both man to man marking and zonal marking

Shooting and finishing
The most important aspect in soccer is scoring. Shooting must be emphasized in training.

The target is the goal. Obstacles are the goalkeepers and defenders.

    Types of shots
    · Near post (goalkeeper will have this covered by narrowing the angle)
    · Far post (by far the best chance to score)
    Key Factors
    · Think, look forward, on the first touch control the ball forward. Dribble or run the ball or pass forward and support quickly
    · Great care to be taken in passing at all times none more so than in attacking situation
    · Passing in attacking third should be quick simple, direct, early interpassing with no purpose should be avoided
    · Players should be encouraged to think of wider positions, central positions or quick counter attack depending on the congestion of the opponents position
    · Practice movements to develop crossing positions, crossing, finishing from crosses. Cross must be with pace into vital areas early behind defenders and away from goal keeper, Late deliver to behind the defending line. Avoid the goalkeeper at all cost. Organize attack to regain possession.

Intermediate Soccer Programme
Individual and group defending
Man to man marking and zonal marking

Ball handling

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